medical marijuana has many benefits

How Marijuana Can be Used For Medical Purpose

Marijuana is one among the most widely used drug. It is a dry, shredded green or brown mix of stems, flowers, leaves of the plant cannabis Sativa. There are many slang terms for marijuana. To cut it short, it is the mind-altering stuff made from a plant with the scientific name Cannabis sativa.

Now the matter of subject is the medical goodness’s of this product named marijuana. Recently there were many research works going, on this particular topic. This drug causes hallucinations, disorientation and also feelings of exhilaration and anxiety but now, as a matter of fact, there are several research works suggesting that the same product is used to cure certain diseases. It is said that these drugs can relieve symptoms of many serious diseases, such as glaucoma, asthma and muscle spasms, as well as loss of appetite and nausea due to AIDS wasting syndrome and chemotherapy treatment.

Medical Cannabis:

The foremost imperative aspect of the medical cannabis has been evidently verified by many studies to be a harmless non-hazardous drug, functional in the cure of some most immobilizing medical conditions including multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, chronic pain, etc.

Medical marijuana helps mortally ailing people to escort an improved better life. For the reason that smoked marijuana can bestow quick relief from great suffering to some patients, hastily improving such sick people reassure and mental outlook, the mortally ill can yet sustain their human dignity and suffer less.

How is it used? 

It can be taken in various ways. Some medical physicians prepare it in THC form for drinking. While other health professionals feel that it is more beneficial if it is eaten. Smoking is another way of taking marijuana into the body for healing the disease. Many marijuana doctors prescribe the use of marijuana by crushing it and using it as an ointment or in a poultice.


Marijuana for Medical Purpose:

Marijuana is one of the best drugs that are put into medical use today. In view of the fact that it was positioned lowest for extraction symptoms, lenience and reliance (addiction) potential; it marked shut to caffeine in the scale of backup and superior to caffeine and nicotine only in the grade of intoxication.

To cut the feeling of severe sickness and pain that distress all chemotherapy patients’ medical cannabis is used. To stimulate sound sleep and induce hunger Medical practitioners of integrative oncology and healthcare providers to prescribe this product. It not only helps sick people handle their indications but also has a helpful anti-tumor property.

Marijuana can also be used to treat the mind and body for various sicknesses and to accentuate substitute treatments for physical and mental related stress. This kind of medical marijuana social therapy will help anyone to feel the difference in their body without any medical treatment like spa, massage, exercises, etc.

These are just handful benefits of medical marijuana. Using cannabis as an effective medicine can cure many life-threatening diseases. Its usage can benefit our society in many ways as an effective and reliable medicine. Another really popular way to benefit from medical marijuana is by using CBD oil.

Side Effects

There are some side effects too of Marijuana, which really don’t last long. These are:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Short term memory loss
  • Euphoria


what do you don"t know about marijuana

What You Don’t Know About Marijuana May Shock You!

Did you know that marijuana is a flowering plant which is not only a recreational but also a medical drug? Marijuana has important uses and at the same time awful negative effects to the user. Fortunately, enough doctors have found out that when marijuana in moderate doses,it can offer an endless list of medical benefits.

Currently, you will agree with me that marijuana is most often recommended as and adjust medicine. Also, there exist substantial consensuses among medical experts that marijuana or even marijuana-based medicines consist therapeutic properties that have the potential to not only treat chronic but severe illness.

If You Are Not Familiar With Health Benefits Of Marijuana Read On To Discover Top 10 Amazing Marijuana health Benefits why you should give it a try!

Control epileptic seizures:

Marijuana has an active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).It controls seizures by efficiently binding to the brain cells that are responsible for controlling excitation and relaxation in the human body.

Decreases the symptoms of Dravet’s Syndrome:

Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) plays a significant role in lowering systems that result from advanced seizure disorders .marijuana have other active ingredients like cannabidiol (CBD) which helps to impact the brain without creating a “high” state. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) helps in relieving pain.

Improves the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS:

Marijuana contributes to reduce conditions such as loss of appetite nausea vomiting and stress and depression which are the primary symptoms of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Marijuana is therefore used to minimize the effect of these symptoms of HIV/AIDS.

Treats inflammatory bowel diseases:

Marijuana plays a great role in resolving many inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Chemicals that are present in marijuana such us tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol helps in solving functional gut disorders. The human body produces a compound that resembles THC which increases the permeability of intestines by allowing bacteria to be present. Marijuana has cannabidiol which helps to prevent intestinal permeability.

Relieves arthritis discomfort:

Marijuana has a a chemical substance which does not only help to reduce pain but also to induce sleep in people suffering from rheumatoid. By reducing pain marijuana contributes to relieve discomfort.

Protects the brain after a stroke:

If you are planning to protect your brain after stroke, adverse then marijuana is a perfect protector. Marijuana reduces the size of the brain part affected by stroke.

Combating Chemotherapy:

Marijuana does not only helps to reduce nausea which is mainly contributed by chemotherapy but also pain caused by cancer.THC present in marijuana plays a role in reducing vomiting caused by chemotherapy since it is more efficient that anti-emetic drugs. Marijuana is natural hence synthetic cancer treating drugs are usually not used to a high extent. Cannabinoids also play the same role as THC is reducing and at the same time preventing vomiting induced by anti-cancer drugs.

Reducing Hepatitis-C Virus effect:

Marijuana helps improve appetite and also to offers psychological support to the body that helps the immune system to contain unpleasant side effect from which medical the treatment of Hepatitis-C Virus. Marijuana also plays a significant role in therapy of Hepatitis-C Virus which is a deadly disease.

Stops cancer cells from spreading:

Cannabidiol (CBD) helps to prevent cancer cells from massively spreading. It prevents cancer by turning off Id-1 which is a gene which cancer cells makes more copies of it, Id-1 gene motivates cancer cells to spread in the body once cannabidiol (CBD) turns off cancer cell expression is also reduced.

Ways in which medical marijuana used?

  • Smoking
  • Vaporization
  • Eaten (cookie/candy)
  • Liquid extracts.

What are the side effects that you may face after using marijuana?

  • Short term loss of memory
  • Addiction
  • Dizziness

Medical officer do not prescribe marijuana to anyone. Who should not use marijuana?

Marijuana may have negative health effect is used by some group of people in a population thus contributing to complications. The following should not access marijuana.

  • Individuals with heart complications and diseases
  • Expectant ant women
  • Persons with psychosis history
  • Persons under 18 years of age

There you have it a rundown of top amazing medical uses of marijuana. You can now determine your particular need and match them to be above uses and benefits. Marijuana is an ultimate natural solution to all your medical need since the positive out does the negatives. Make a wise decision of obtaining a well-prescribed dose of marijuana from medical experts to have all you needs catered!